Online counseling

In recent years, online counseling has become a widely spread and popular way of counseling from the comfort of your home. It facilitates a connection with your counselor if you are abroad for a long time, in case of business trips, or for any other reason that doesn’t allow you to visit your counselor personally. It is also a good choice for people who prefer anonymity.

The efficiency of online counseling has been reviewed by multiple researchers and has been proven effective.  /Swinson, R. P. y col. (1995), , Alfred Lange y col. (2003), Kessler D. y col (2009) o  Gallego, M.J. y col (2011)

Advantages of online counseling

Online counseling doesn’t change the basis and procedures of psychological counseling, as psychological methods and theories are not modified.

Online counseling is not limited by your location (providing you have internet access) or the distance between you and your counselor. Online counseling facilitates services for those whose conditions do not allow for traditional therapy outside of the home. It’s not only for people living abroad, but also for those with a handicap, and those who would have to travel long distances to find the therapy that fits them the best.

Another advantage of online counseling is time flexibility, which is excellent for people with long working days or other time constraints.  Do you have a tight schedule? We will fit therapy times to accommodate your needs.

Online counseling is also a good option for those who might feel ashamed during traditional therapy sessions. Online therapy presents the opportunity of therapy from a well-known and safe environment such as your home. As the client is physically not present at the therapy session, he  may feel more open and able to discuss personal situations and problems that wouldn’t have come to light during traditional face to face therapy.

How does online counseling work?

Online counseling can be done via email, chat or video call (skype). It is to have good internet access on both sides.

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